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The 4 Most Prominent Financing Options for Real Estate Investing

January 16, 2018


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When you are investing in real estate, financing is the make-or-break component to your plan. Where’s the money going to come from, and how is it going to influence the investing process? There are 4 common financing options for real estate investments. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, depending on each specific deal.

What are the most common types of financing for real estate investing?

Before we compare the different financing options, here are quick definitions and details for each type. Again, each financing option has pros and cons for every real estate venture. Make sure you take your time planning ahead for each.

1. Traditional Financing: Conventional Approach

Traditional financing includes bank loans and mortgages, going through either a banker, mortgage broker, or a credit union. This approach requires a relatively average interest rate, but consists of a lot of guidelines and rules. If you have an above average credit score, clean background check, and adequate money in the bank, this will work for you. If you don’t have a great record or application, a different approach may be better for you.

2. Banking: Loans, and Non-Traditional Options

Banking includes loans and non-traditional options, with less strict options. Personal loans, buyer’s financing, and seller’s financing are a few of the options. This avenue for financing still requires a cleaner record, and adequate assets. There are more creative avenues within this option as well, for specific real estate investments. For example, if you are rehabbing a property, you may quality for a 203K Loan, which will loan you the money for the rehab costs. Banking options are a pretty safe, accurate, and helpful financing option to utilize.

3. Hard Money: Top Short-Term Financing Choice

Hard money financing is a risker option, but works for many real estate investors. If you plan on purchasing a property, only to quickly resell it, hard money is your top choice. Hard money is financing through a private investor or company, which will in turn charge a high interest rate. So, again, a guaranteed quick turnaround will be the best reason for this type of financing. Most hard money lenders don’t care about your credit, or the same technicalities as banks. If your credit, background check, and assets aren’t going to help you with the more traditional approaches, this is a great option.

4. Private Money: Networking Done at Its Finest

Private money deals work well when the parties involved have a well-established, trusting partnership. This approach is one of the riskiest options, but has shown to be extremely successful. If someone is lending hard money, it’s because that’s their full-time job. Private lenders are more likely to be individuals who are interested in investing, but have different full-time jobs that supplement that type of income. Once you establish relationships with various professionals, you may not have to use a more traditional or formal financing approach. Private money financing can be individualized, and the terms are typically customized for each investment.

Comparing: What financing options are most similar?

As you read through the description, you quickly see that there are similarities throughout all of them. This is a good sign. This means you will rarely not find an option for financing. Your financing options don’t fully depend on if you’re new to the real estate industry, or a long-term investor. What is important is what your potential property’s project plan needs, and where you stand with current funds. As we continue to compare and contrast, let’s put the 4 options into 2 main categories.

· Traditional Financing vs. Banking

These 2 options are most similar due to the parties involved: the bank. There’s a bank or credit union involved in both of these approaches, creating a similar list of requirements and credentials. Traditionally speaking, these are safe and effective approaches for funding. However, if you’re unsure of your credit score helping or hurting you, these may not be your best fit. Inquiring and applying for specific loans for different plans you have for the potential property will definitely benefit you. Ask your trusted bankers and loaners, and see what will work for you.

· Hard Money vs. Private Money Lenders

Hard money and private money lenders are obviously the other two with the most in common. Based on the process and requirements, they demand less technical information. However, they do require you to risk more, and pay a higher interest rate. These approaches work best when you’re more experienced in the real estate industry, and when you know the right people. Both options create long-term partnerships, and create an alternative route for people who need it.

Contrasting: What are the pros and cons for the 2 main options?

Now that we have narrowed down the 4 options into 2 main categories based on similarities, it’s time to look at the differences.

· Conventional Approaches

When it comes to this approach, you aren’t required to really have a working relationship with any individual. If you are just starting out, and are unsure of professionals in your area, banking is your best option. Both traditional financing and banking provides you with the money, and experience working with the delegation of money. Learn what you can with this approach, and see what types of loans work best for your business ventures.

· Riskier, Private Options

Both hard and private money lenders are most successful when there’s a preexisting relationship. If you’ve gotten to know the people in your community, and are well-known for your business, this will easily happen. Some of the best ways to learn and network with private lenders is through local networking events. Hard money lenders are also going to trust you more, the more they see you in their circle of professionals. Get your name out there, and get working on establishing the relationships. If you’ve already done this, these financing options will ensure great success for both parties.

If your goals and plans differ with each potential property, so should your financing options. Assess each real estate venture as its own to determine which financing option will help you achieve your goals. Networking and establishing working relationships with any and all of these professional types is greatly beneficial to the short and long term standing of your business.

How to Use Seller Financing The Right Way

January 16, 2018


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We are here to share some insights and details about how seller financing works, the risks involved, and the ways that it can work for you!

The main benefit to seller financing is that the agreement is almost entirely up to the parties – the seller and buyer. Banks and credit unions aren’t involved in the decision making or the planning. Here are 3 specific break downs for seller financing, and how it works:

Seller Financing: Creative Real Estate Agreements

Seller financing is when the seller agrees to finance the deal for the buyer. This is different than a rent to own agreement. Unlike the rent to own agreement, seller financing deals involve specific long-term plans, but has almost complete freedom in the requirements. The seller acts as the bank, requiring a monthly payment for the property. However, the buyer technically owns the property, once the agreement is signed. There are a variety of perks with this type of deal. Here are a few:

1. Minimal down-payment

Any other form of financing would require a percentage of the cost as a down payment. If the buyer can’t pay a large down payment, seller financing allows them to buy a house they otherwise couldn’t afford. The down-payment still does what it needs to do – it gives the seller some money upfront, and it ensures the agreement between the two parties.

2. Customizable monthly payments

Based on the down-payment, the buyer and seller can come to their own terms on the monthly payment. Since the seller is acting as the bank, the mortgage can be on terms the buyer and seller are okay with.

3. Purchase doesn’t affect your credit score

Whether the buyer plans to live in this house for decades or not, this deal will not affect later deals. Since there isn’t a bank involved in this process, the buyer and seller won’t be affected by it. So, as long as the deal goes okay, future purchases will not be based on this deal.

4. Flexibility in the purchase timeline

Since the bank is not involved, the buyer and seller have the freedom to create a full plan. There are some technicalities that will take time, but overall, the two parties can determine the sale and move-in dates.

5. Available options that banks can’t offer

Overall, if the buyer and seller can find common terms, the deal can be as unique and creative as the two want. The bank has a lot of formalities to abide by, that individual sellers and buyers don’t have to even consider. This can even include land contracts, lease-options, and long-term financing.

Land Contract: Why and How this Contract Works for Both Parties

This type of deal involves only the two parties, guaranteeing that fees and money won’t go to a realtor, loan officer, etc. A land contract is this agreement between the buyer and seller. The contract states that the owner is selling the home to the seller, and is acting as the bank – i.e. receiving payments towards a mortgage. The other detail states that the deed and title stay in the hands of the owner until the mortgage is paid off. This statement is a safety net for the seller, in case the buyer is unable to fulfill the payment requirements.

· A Land Contract’s Effect on the Seller

This is typically where the risk comes into play for seller financing. If for some reason the buyer is unable to make payment, this could cause foreclosure for both the seller and the buyer. Typically, this doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, there is more risk involved for the seller in this situation than the buyer. A foreclosure is the only way a seller financing agreement could affect credit scores. If you are the seller, make sure you have everything in writing and are secure enough in your own finances to handle any unexpected disruptions.

· A Land Contract’s Effect on the Buyer

The seller financing plan is extremely beneficial for a buyer, especially if the buyer has been turned away by the banks. The buyer gets to act as the homeowner, while making reasonable payments for years. As long as the seller works well with the buyer, the buyer shouldn’t have any issues. If you are the buyer and interested in upgrading the property, or making minor changes to the property, make sure it’s in the agreement. As a buyer, you don’t technically own the house enough to make changes without approval of the seller.

Lease-Option: How it Compares to Seller Financing

Most of us have heard of a lease-option. The lease-option looks similar to seller financing, but actually affects the buyer and seller differently. The lease-option makes the seller a landlord, and the potential buyer a renter. This is because the lease-option gives the tenant the option to buy the house at the end of the agreement, but is not part of the initial agreement. There are of course pros and cons to this option as well, so let’s compare the lease-option to seller financing:

· How does this affect the seller?

When leasing to sell, the seller still technically owns the property. This means, the seller is still paying the taxes and other expenses for the property. So, the seller is spending more money on this property. However, it is a safer agreement in terms of long-term. If you are the seller, and the potential buyer can’t make payments at some point, you are able to evict the tenant versus facing foreclosure.

· How does this work for the potential buyer?

The tenant is a potential buyer, who can still change his or her mind. There is more freedom and less commitment for the potential buyer in a lease-option. However, the set up does feel a lot like you’re still just paying rent, and not owning the property.

6 Reasons Why You Need A Real Estate Broker

January 14, 2018


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Buying and selling homes in a competitive real estate market can be a hard job. While buyers are still looking for options, sellers are not getting the expected price. To bridge the gap, real estate brokers are required. A real estate broker does much more than just connecting the buyers and sellers. No matter which side of the market you belong to, below are six reasons why you need a real estate broker.

  1. Because you don’t have the time. Need to buy a house? If you don’t have the time, just give a memo to a reliable real estate broker, and they will do the job for you. These are professionals, and a part of their work is all about finding properties and options for buyers and sellers respectively. When you are too busy, they can make the most of your money.
  2. Because the industry must function together. Real estate agents are responsible for keeping the industry together. They work like an intermediary and keep the local markets in action. For example, if you are unable to find a home in budget, they will find sellers who can reduce the price. In more precise terms, they make the market move.
  3. Because negotiations are never easy. Regardless of whether you are a buyer or a seller, negotiations in the real estate market can be complicated and extremely tricky. If you are not sure of the basic aspects, the agent can take things forward for you. As a client, you have complete control on every part of the deal, but agents just simplify and get the terms for you.
  4. Because you don’t know much about contracts and paperwork. The terms and conditions of the real estate market are complicated, and more often than not, buyers and sellers have no clue of the documentation and paperwork involved. Real estate agents can manage things on your part, and you just need to sign the papers as required. In short, you can avoid most of the complications related to the contract.
  5. Because you need to know the local trends. How much should you pay for a home you liked? What should be the asking price for your property? People often rely on real estate agents for market trends, local information and other details. The local details of the real estate market are hard to find online, given that the information is retailed by smaller dealers who know more about each community and area.
  6. Because networking is important. If you are a real estate investor, you need to focus on networking, so that you can buy and sell homes when the time is right. With real estate brokers, that’s easy and quite possible. They can keep you in the loop and can introduce you to the property dealers, owners, and buyers, so that you can keep your assets moving.

Benefits of a Property Management Company

January 13, 2018


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Some might think that hiring a property management is just not worth effort, and go to the extreme of saying it is just not worth the effort. While it is true for people who are managing their own assests to say so, it is different for others who don’t reside in the same vicinity as the assets they own. This article throws light on the beneficial aspects of property

  • Representation: If you are landlord, a professional management company will represent you in your absence to fulfill the required procedures on your behalf. This will be a buffer between you and the tenant and you would not be required to invest your time and effort. Tenancy management needs consistent follow-up to see that not only the rent is received on time but the assets is well taken care of and maintained properly.
  • Setting the right rent: You have chosen the property manager because of his local knowledge and the right kind of information he posses. This will ensure that you do not set the rent lower than what actually the assets deserves, nor high to deter potential clients. A high rent will actually make the property sit idle for a long time, this will only result in loss of income for a month. An efficient property manager will set the right rent and will make all possible efforts to let your property to the right people at the right price.
  • Professional promotion of property: A good property manager will understand all the avenues to promote the assets properly both online and offline. He will use of combination of promotional activities to attract the right tenant. In India, the property manager gets paid only when the property is let out, hence it is in the interest of everybody to rent out the property at the earliest.
  • Screening the tenant: A good property manager will be able to advice you about the kind of client your property should attract. They will help you screen the clients who come looking for your assets, and help choose the tenants who will take good care of the assets and pay the rent on time. Also they will vacate without issues when on the expiration of the “Leave and License’ agreement.

Real Estate Advisory – Need And Significance For Commercial Property

January 13, 2018


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Would it be a good idea for you to hold up until the point when you are all the more fiscally settled or would it be advisable for you to defer purchasing your first home and purchase a property for investment purpose?

These and numerous different inquiries confront the first run through property financial specialist, however the truth of the matter is there are no basic responses to any inquiry. The appropriate response truly lies in a more far reaching way to deal with the investment in property in general. The healthiest and fittest individuals from our group don’t get their recommendation out of magazines and daily paper articles; they counsel medicinal specialists, dieticians and other wellbeing related experts and set up an arrangement that consolidates a sound eating routine and consistent exercise.

It is quiet similar when it is about the investment in the property. You should begin by counselling Property Advisory experts in the field before you purchase your first property for investment purpose. This may incorporate a one-stop shop venture warning administration or reassuring with a scope of experts including property strategists, bookkeepers, contract agents, executives and amount surveyors. By and large, these specialists give you the full suite of items you have to settle on effective and gainful choices.

To get down to the low down anyway, it is difficult to pinpoint whenever in history when buying property could possibly have been a decent choice. The most vital thing to consider is your own conditions, in light of the fact that while you may have the capacity to stand to buy a property at a specific time in the cycle, different financial specialists may not be so lucky. The choice is extremely based around your own conditions and needs.

The business of real estate is a standout amongst the most critical organizations of present time. The business is the business frame in which property or land is purchased and afterward sold after some time at a higher cost. The property advisory experts play a critical key part is the general population which go about as a middle person between the purchasers and venders. Specialists get their payments from both the gatherings. This is the reason they are such a great amount of anxious to purchase or pitch arrive and other property to their customers. There has been a consistent blast or ascend in the business and particularly for business activities and land saved for the utilizations of commercial purposes. This blast is said to be a result of the settling worldwide economy. Post retreat, the economies of numerous nations is settling at a quick rate and numerous new pursuits are being begun. The will be the expert operators that counsel for different business framework tasks of their district. These business foundation ventures are the request of the present time as countless and government helped organizations are moving their workplaces and other work puts in world class structures. This is the reason numerous real estate investment organizations and firms are financing these progressing and proposes investment in real estate for commercial purpose.

The organizations investing in real estate spaces are cheerfully putting resources into different framework extends as these tasks have an extremely solid potential and splendid level. This is a direct result of the constrained accessibility of land and expanding utilization of land. The request and supply condition does not fit well. In this way the land developers are attempted framework ventures which are wellbeing and riches arranged. Health based business framework ventures are likewise named as environment friendly job. These tasks are completed in such a form, to the point that they don’t make much damage the surroundings and utilize the majority of the organic assets for fundamental needs like lighting and cooling. Such undertakings are preferred by all and since the cost adequacy of these ventures is somewhat less, they are as yet considered as idea ventures. The warning sheets of commercial real estate of numerous nations have made a portion of the purposes of the environment friendly framework activities to be trailed by other land developers mandatorily.

The business is getting much advertised nowadays. Numerous property advisory experts say that there are copious imaginative outlines and techniques which when actualized can build the land territory usage. These Australian Property Advisory group have a complete knowledge of the business and furthermore have great information of sustainable Property Advisory systems.

Buying Property Near Military Bases is a Good Investment

January 13, 2018


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Buying Property Near Military Bases is a Good Investment

In the first time, Military Family very difficult to decide to buying a property near military bases in US. Location is one of the most important elements ofinvesting success. It provide one clue toa city’s investment potential. For several reasons, the presence of a military base signals that an area has a strong rental culture that can support investors. Skilled investors recognize this and other indicators to pick out the best places to purchase a home for rent.

Buying property near a military base is a good investment for a large variety of reasons. For instance, property near a military base will always have high demand, and owners will always be able to find quality tenants easily. Their buildings will also enjoy with a very reasonable prizes. Any people can enjoy at this moment.

Good Tenants, Steady Rent:

Families make some of the best possible tenants a landlord could wish for. Not only do they have a very stable source of income but many of them receive housing allowances, meaning that paying rent on time is very rarely a problem.Families also tend to have solid references, and it is fairly easy to verify the service member’s income and length of service.

The Market is Always Strong:

The demand for the Homes near Military Bases in these areas is as strong as in other highly desirable markets like property near universities, colleges, hospitals, motels etc. However, because time spent in the military is often significantly longer than the average time it takes to grab a college degree, landlords with property near military bases are more likely to land long-term renters. Because off base properties are usually rented by families, even if any people who works near military bases he/she will join the military homes.

Property Values Rarely Drop:

Buying a property near a military base is also a good investment for its sheer long term value. The property values of homes near military bases may not rise very much annually, especially in many areas with real estate markets.But these properties should enjoy every people with highly security.